A 27-year-old jogger was attacked while jogging in Central Park on Monday night.

A 27-year-old woman was dragged into the woods while jogging in Central Park by a creep who ripped off her clothing, tried to rape her, kicked her in the head and stole her cellphone, officials said Tuesday.

The victim told police she was listening to music on her headphones as she jogged along the park’s East Drive near W. 110th St. when the creep grabbed her from behind and bear hugged her at about 10:30 p.m. Monday.

The fiend dragged her to a wooded area where he pulled off her sweatshirt and T-shirt, rifled through her pockets, and threatened to cut her throat if she screamed, cops said.

He groped her chest and attempted to rape her, police said. He did not appear to have a knife.

He stormed off with her cellphone only to return a few moments later and kick her in the head, officials said.

The woman managed to run away and alert cops on patrol but by then her attacker had fled again, officials said. The victim was taken to a local hospital.

The stolen phone was later pinged in the Bronx by investigators, sources said.

The suspect is described as black and in his 30s with a scruffy beard. He was wearing a dark jacket and an orange T-shirt.

The assault was the second robbery in Central Park Monday.

Just after midnight, about six teenagers jumped 47-year-old Jacob Angstreich as he rode a CitiBike along East Drive near E. 95th St., police sources said.

One of the teens told him to get off the bike, then punched him in the face — knocking him to the ground, sources said.

His phone fell to the ground and another member of the group scooped it up before the teens fled, sources said. There have been no arrests.

As of Sunday, police had responded to 15 robberies in Central Park this year — down nearly 35% from the 23 robberies reported during the same time period last year.