Police revealed they were hunting this man over a suspected plot to blow up an airport

An international manhunt has been launched for a suspected bomb plotter who is feared to have been planning to blow up a German airport.

This is the first picture of Syrian national Jaber Albakr who is thought to be on-the-run after apparently preparing to detonate a bomb at a packed airport.

The 22-year-old has been named as the prime suspect by desperate police – who this morning used explosives to blast their way into a flat in the east German city of Chemnitz.

A crack unit of heavily-armed officers moved on the home this morning with hundreds of officers setting up a ring of steel around the home.

Jaber Albakr is being hunted by anti-terror police in Germany Twitter Armed police circled the flat this morning following a tip off

Terrified residents were whisked out of their homes and bussed to safety as highly-trained anti-terror cops attempted to close the net on their main suspect.

They finally launched a raid on the home, in the Fritz-Heckert-Gebiet housing estate, in the early afternoon – using explosives to blast a door down as armed officers flooded in.

No-one was found inside the flat, but German sources reported explosives had been found inside.

Police cars are lined up in front of an apartment building in Chemnitz In this image taken from Nonstop News video, police officers surround an apartment in the eastern city of Chemnitz, Germany

Saxony Police tweeted: "We are currently carry a large-scale operation on suspicion of preparing a bomb attack.

"The explosion heard was an access measure of the police. A relevant person could not be found."

Police immediately launched a manhunt and released an image and the full name of their main suspect, who is thought to have been under surveillance by security forces for some time.

Twitter Police took shelter behind a car as the raid took place Twitter Armed police swarmed the area after receiving reports of the planned attack

Tom Bernhardt, spokesman for the state criminal police, said: "We have to assume that the person is dangerous."

He added that the raid came after officers received a tip-off from the domestic intelligence service.

Terrified residents posted images of officers clad in black helmets, balaclavas and body armour with their assault weapons raised and poised.

Police officers secure a residential area in Chemnitz A ring of steel was put up around the area but the suspect has not yet been found

Earlier in the day, A police spokeswoman has told German media the operation was in response to evidence of a ‘serious threat’.

He added: "Major road closers and evacuations are necessary.

"We have a static threat situation in the Fritz Heckert district and have deployed a large taskforce on the ground."

Some residents told how they were woken in the morning by police brandishing machine guns.

The officers told them to leave their homes quickly and quietly before centring on one particular home.

The Fritz Heckert district, known locally as Fritz-Heckert-Gebiet, was built as one of the largest housing developments in Communist East Germany, consisting of large tower blocks once housing 90,000 people.

Germany is already on high alert after a number of attacks in recent months.

In the space of just a week in July this year there was a horrifying axe attack on train passengers and then a bomb attack on a cafe by ISIS sympathisers.

— Heimattreue Ndd (@HeimattreueNdd) October 8, 2016

Teenage refugee Muhammad Riyad was shot and killed as he tried to flee the bloody carriage where he hacked at terrified passengers.

Incredibly he failed to kill anyone but five were left with serious injuries.

Just five days later 15 people were injured when Mohammad Daleel detonated a suicide bomb outside a wine bar in Ansbach.