Welcome to Minds in the Gutter, an ongoing call for designs that respond to the question: How can New York City utilize its existing 6,000 miles of roadway and accompanying 12,000 miles London Seo Agencies of sidewalk as an opportunity for stormwater management?

This project began as a juried design competition that resulted in an exhibit of 16 boards that represent bright ideas for the gutter from professional firms, city agencies, students, community-based organizations and concerned citizens.

The exhibit was initially launched with a panel and viewing at the Museum of the City of New York on Earth Day, April 22, 2010. This event was attended by over 200 “do-ers and dreamers” in the field of stormwater management and produced a lively discussion moderated by Deborah Marton , Executive Director of Design Trust for Public Space.

Today, Minds in the Gutter continues as an ongoing call for innovative designs that manage stormwater in the public right-of-way. You can become involved by submitting your ideas here on this website, viewing the exhibit as it travels about town, and participating in Minds in the Gutter events!